MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS< and everything else everyone celebrates!! This last year ended up being very profitable, and I already have 7 weddings booked for 2011! There have been ups and downs with some aspects of the business, but I have learned ALOT, and definetly GUARUNTEE ALL OF MY WORK AND DEADLINES NOW! I also have a new, easier to manage site I am puting together. Feel free to check it ou
If you have been told negative info from a couple about my photography, let me know...I have plenty of EXCELLENT references! I'm sorry, but due to how I was mislead and how I saw people try to use you, I now request $150 down to hold a wedding or event, and I need full payment by the day before the wedding.  Wish I could be easier, but when I was told I would be paid at the wedding, and no payment shows for 2 months, I have to run my bussiness a little stricter. Contact me if you have any questions, need references, or want to see my portfolio. I guaruntee ALL of my work! hope to meet you soon-Crystal Ervin-
Ok, Well, I have learned a HUGE lesson over the past weeek. You can NOT trust everyone. and NOT every one has good intentions. I have had my first horrible time with a customer. No matter what I did to try and make things 'right' in both parties eyes, the other party continued to bad mouth me. After I did a $650 package plus drove 1 1/2 hours there and back, all for a partial barter, that i got jerked around for, for about 1 1/2 -2 months after the wedding. Finally after 2  months have passed since I photographed a wedding, I finally got under $100. I did not send DVD during the whole time....after all I put in, and got NOTHING, they did not get the DVD until AFTER i recieved the little bit I got. I was very angry with these people and felt taken by them, let my emotions get in the way, and didn't answer when they called...instead, I e-mailed them. Felt this was a better way to communicate with both parties upset. Then I got Sick and was in bed for a while. Anyways...they have their DVD with ALL photos, plus I am giving them 10 portraits of their choice upto an 8X10.  So in all, I have lost out on the package at $650 value, plus I'm losing $60 in portraits. I have been more than fare and reasonable, yet they still try to slander me.
 As to everyone who does look at my website, I do my own work, i can't change a header that weebly supplies...there is no way to edit it with my own photo. I take my own photographs, and edit all my work myself. My prices are so much lower than most people b ecause I am a photographer that loves what I do!! I'm not in it to make big bucks like alot of photographers out there! Plus, I guarantee ALL my work.
Well, to the lady who said the header is not my own photo...thats because it is a header that is made for you to show the type of photography. it is one of the web pages they offer you to use....I can't change the header!! as for the other photos, I use all my own work!! maybe you just can't believe how good I can take photos for the price I charge. How about instead of blaming some one, you ask questions first!!! As for all the photos I am up loading in the next couple days...they are ALL MY PHOTOS!! I
HEllo, if you are a returning customer you may notice I have changed my rates. The rate change includes traveling expenses, and a longer distance that I will travel. If you are a new customer, you will notice that my rates are still one of the cheapest around, and I garuntee my work! Hope to book you an appointment soon!-Crystal-
Good Afternoon! I have posted some more photos, and set them up in their own categories. There are lots more photos to come over the next few days, so check back often to see some of my work!Hope to book something for you soon-Crystal-
Hello Everyone!! The heat is on and so are my specials!! I have made a few changes to my packages and have decided that I can do upto a 4 day event...usually they are family reunions. Weddings are filling up for July and August...and a few next year. Take a look around my website and see what new things I have to offer! I will be updating the Photo Gallery on Saturday the 17th of this month. I hope to meet many more faces and make more memories l
Hello Everyone!! I have a ton of new weddings coming up this summer!!!yea! anyways, if you take advantage of my craigslist offer, you will need to pay traveling expenses...gas and any overnight fees. Can't wait to meet all you new brides and your men!!See you all soon-crystal-
well, no one will allow me to use their photos in my portfolio, so here goes I guess. The next 3 people that call me with a wedding and want the $300 wedding package, and will let me use their photos in my portfolio, are getting their wedding done free. It's sad when you have to loose so much money to get descent portfolios. but i'll do what i have to do to get the bussiness running good enough to put my hubby through college!!