As to everyone who does look at my website, I do my own work, i can't change a header that weebly supplies...there is no way to edit it with my own photo. I take my own photographs, and edit all my work myself. My prices are so much lower than most people b ecause I am a photographer that loves what I do!! I'm not in it to make big bucks like alot of photographers out there! Plus, I guarantee ALL my work.
9/30/2010 05:20:54 pm

I have seen the quality of your work and i would be angry at you too you only show your good work on your website you dont show the poor quality of portraits that you actually give to your customers!

1/5/2011 09:59:45 am

crystal. I understand not being able to make an appointment, but I dont understand not even calling to say your not going to make it. I would have appreciated atleast a phone call but you didnt even do that. I dont usually leave feed back but I felt that for someone who has been doing photography for ten years, you would have better customer service than that.

1/5/2011 10:19:12 am

crystal. I want to appologize as I was upset with the situation. sorry

its just me
1/9/2011 05:42:51 am

How long do people have to wait to receive their pictures after you take them?


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