If you have been told negative info from a couple about my photography, let me know...I have plenty of EXCELLENT references! I'm sorry, but due to how I was mislead and how I saw people try to use you, I now request $150 down to hold a wedding or event, and I need full payment by the day before the wedding.  Wish I could be easier, but when I was told I would be paid at the wedding, and no payment shows for 2 months, I have to run my bussiness a little stricter. Contact me if you have any questions, need references, or want to see my portfolio. I guaruntee ALL of my work! hope to meet you soon-Crystal Ervin-
9/10/2011 12:43:07 pm

This photographer is the worst in the business. She has more excusses then anyone I have ever seen.Ranging excuses from spider bites to dad with cancer. After being told I would get my pictures in a week and taking 1 1/2 month and being told they were had been mailed three times I finally got them. They are unedited, Pictures of walls, junk and missing pieces of the wedding like exchanging the cake, ect.. she took over a 100 pictures of crap the woods like 6 of the same, walls, bathroom stalls, and food sitting on shelves to name a few. She promised over 1000 pictures of which I got only 918 BUT only about 200 are usable. most are the same picture like 4-8 times, blury,not centered, unedited, and missing vows and cake exchange. If you want to record your special event DONT COUNT ON HER SHE DONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING AND SHE WILL TRY TO BACK OUT ON YOU AT THE LAST MINUTE CLAIMING SHE IS ILL WITH SOME SICKNESS.


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