MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS< and everything else everyone celebrates!! This last year ended up being very profitable, and I already have 7 weddings booked for 2011! There have been ups and downs with some aspects of the business, but I have learned ALOT, and definetly GUARUNTEE ALL OF MY WORK AND DEADLINES NOW! I also have a new, easier to manage site I am puting together. Feel free to check it ou
1/17/2011 12:34:43 am

You took pictures of my friend tasha's wedding back in august. She has done everything possible to get a hold of you and get her pictures. I recommend you contact her soon. I think others should know. that you are obviously not a professional photographer. And what about guaranteeing all of your deadlines. (your words not mine.)I hope that you will take time to consider that she has no pics of her wedding because you told her you would get the cd to her. be a professional and give her the pics.
A very unhappy bridesmaid

3/2/2011 06:53:29 am

I was one of the weddings Crystal did for free. Her pictures turned out decent. But it took almost seven months for her to give me just a disk of my photos. I still don't really know why it took so long. I set up appointment after appointment to meet up just to get the disk, and every time she said she'd be there she didn't show. She had a new excuse every time. Plus she would never call to cancel, I would wait where we agreed to meet and then text her to find out she wasn't going to show time after time. I only finally got my disk and a "refund" for the picture package she was going to give me for being so late after I told her I was going to file paperwork to sue her to get my pictures. I would never recommend her to anyone. She told me two weeks to get my disk and my pictures went up on this website by then but I only got my disk after almost seven months. We got married August 13, 2010 and I got my disk February 27, 2011. (Crystal, I'm sorry if everything you told me was true, that's a lot to go through in about six months, but if you want to be considered professional, you need to made deadlines and stick to them. This made my experience with you awful.Plus you don't know what I've been going through in my own personal life while waiting for my wedding photos. If you want to be a "professional photographer" then this is no way to get you name out there!)

3/8/2011 04:35:59 pm

Umm, you might want to consider taking the photos that are not yours off of your website before you are busted for plagiarizing other people photography. You're making a bad name for us other photographers and scaring your customers away from ever getting professional photography ever again. Don't all the bad comments on here tell you something?

4/22/2011 04:25:12 am

I hope that your "lessons learned" also includes really adopting animals when you claim you will.

I took TWO hours to go and pick up an animal that you claimed you wanted to adopt. You messaged me in the morning saying you would be late, and then you ignored all my texts and emails after 8 hours of waiting.

And it's been 10 months since that day. I transported the animal during the middle of summer when it was a heat sensitive animal, and because of your lack of follow through (claiming yet another emergency) resulted in me having to pay over $100 in boarding fees.

In the past year and a half you have also NEVER followed through on other things you contact me about via Craigslist. First wanting to trade for your services, and then saying you'd buy them if I didn't want to trade. When I expressed no interest in trading you very quickly claimed an emergency. Which one of those times you claimed you had to go out of town for the day and had left the previous day... Funny thing is, I saw YOU in town that you claimed you were not in town.

You should really stop claiming the weebly layout photographs as your own.

You are far from a professional, despite you having "lessons learned" you still never follow through.

Things I talk about may not regard your photos, but to me they reflect on you seeing as how you attach your "Crystal Clear Pics Photography" to all the emails.

10/28/2011 09:55:39 am

She has done the same to my daughter. The wedding was in July and she still dont have all her picks she wont reply to anything so we are sueing her.

11/23/2011 08:20:26 am

The photos were awful! not professional at all. I got my august 2011 photos back after weeks of badgering her for them. I too was told about illness and emergencies. She tried not to come to my rehearsal dinner claiming her camera was broken! This was the worst experience my wedding photos are nothing like i had hoped for. we got ripped off. I am glad we didnt pay everything up front otherwise im sure i'd never see those pictures. as it is I am SO ANGRY about the quality and lack of service. You are an awful photographer and businesswoman. The albums you gave us were a joke and im spending hours editing and fixing the crap lighting and shaky camera angles. My friends took better photos with a point and shoot camera. NEVER USE HER!


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