Ok, Well, I have learned a HUGE lesson over the past weeek. You can NOT trust everyone. and NOT every one has good intentions. I have had my first horrible time with a customer. No matter what I did to try and make things 'right' in both parties eyes, the other party continued to bad mouth me. After I did a $650 package plus drove 1 1/2 hours there and back, all for a partial barter, that i got jerked around for, for about 1 1/2 -2 months after the wedding. Finally after 2  months have passed since I photographed a wedding, I finally got under $100. I did not send DVD during the whole time....after all I put in, and got NOTHING, they did not get the DVD until AFTER i recieved the little bit I got. I was very angry with these people and felt taken by them, let my emotions get in the way, and didn't answer when they called...instead, I e-mailed them. Felt this was a better way to communicate with both parties upset. Then I got Sick and was in bed for a while. Anyways...they have their DVD with ALL photos, plus I am giving them 10 portraits of their choice upto an 8X10.  So in all, I have lost out on the package at $650 value, plus I'm losing $60 in portraits. I have been more than fare and reasonable, yet they still try to slander me.

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