Well, to the lady who said the header is not my own photo...thats because it is a header that is made for you to show the type of photography. it is one of the web pages they offer you to use....I can't change the header!! as for the other photos, I use all my own work!! maybe you just can't believe how good I can take photos for the price I charge. How about instead of blaming some one, you ask questions first!!! As for all the photos I am up loading in the next couple days...they are ALL MY PHOTOS!! I
12/23/2010 08:19:18 am

No no no, it's very obvious. Almost all of the images you show are poor poor quality. I can tell which ones are not yours because they are the 4 or 5 that actually are good, and two of them I have seen on all over the web. I wouldn't pay $5 for any of them. Also, the weebly banner CAN be changed. I have one myself.

4/25/2011 07:50:51 am

I have weebly as well, you can change the photos. You can set a picture in that spot for all the pages of the same layout, or save it for just that page :).

If you need me to write down the directions, I can :).


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