Going to the coast tomorrow to do a couple photo shoots! I love the ocean, the beautiful sunsets, the sounds....it's completely a treat to be able to go do some photo shoots on the coast for 3 days! If any one wants to contact me this weekend just go ahead and e-mail me or call to set up a photo ceremony, party, or shoot. My # is 5410740-6910. If I don't answer right away, leave a message and I'll get right back to you. I can't express how much I love what I do! My summer is filling up fast, so be sure to get a hold of me immediatly to ensure your date is open! Talk to you soon-Crystal
 Well, photography is going GREAT and appointments are filling up fast! I love being outside and doing what I love every day. Being my own boss is good too. So far I have had no complaints, and everybody LOVES my work. Thank you to all those who have had me do their photography!! Doing barter/partial barter has been a good help to those who are having a hard time with the economy. Glad to help as much as I can! Hope to fill up my summer soon. I still haven't learned how to build an awesome website with samples of what I can do....sorry.